Lifelong Learning

I am a lifelong learner.  I embrace the label with pride.reading

It’s true that I already know a LOT of things, but I always want to learn more.  Always.  I love to cross paths with someone who knows a lot about something and is willing to share their knowledge.  I sidle up to them, ask an engaging question or two, and away we go.  I walk away knowing how to make really good beef jerky,  press flowers, or create my own board game.  Good stuff.

I am continually seeking out new things to learn about.  This year’s topic is Beekeeping.  I want to have bees, so I am about to learn all there is to know about the ancient art of beekeeping.  I can hardly wait!  So far I have learned that bees are sold by the pound and you have to order them in January, that there are different species of honeybees, and that the wooden box that organizes them all is called a Super.  As I type this, I am sitting here grinning like an idiot.  Bees are sold by the pound?  Who knew?

Being a true lifelong learner means you’ll NEVER be bored.  Never. There is always something more to learn in the world. Think you know all there is to know about breadmaking?  Have you looked into sourdough?  Or breads from other countries, like Naan or Pita?  You’re right, that is a Good Question. How DO they make pita bread hollow?

True to form, I’ve learned some things about lifelong learning that I can pass along–in case you are thinking the life of a lifelong learner sounds pretty fantastic  (You’d be right, by the way.)

First, other people will find you very interesting when they discover that you are interested in what they find interesting. (Go ahead and take a second to re-read that.  It’s a bit tricky.)  Norman Vincent Peale knew this.  Ask people about themselves and what they love to do, and soon they will be going on and on and they will come away from conversation thinking you are amazing.  So that’s cool.

Second:  Everyone is interesting if you just dig deep enough.  When I am stuck somewhere with someone I don’t know, I use this as a great way to pass the time.  I just keep asking cheerful questions and soon enough we’re talking about the merits of worms versus spinners when catching perch in Idaho lakes. Never fails.

Third: The glorious, wonderful Internet was made for Lifelong Learners.  We don’t mind if the rest of you come and use it, but we KNOW it was made for us.  Lifelong Learners are the ones who relish its true glory and bounty.  I can learn how to do anything on the Internet now.  Origami? Photography? Knitting? Blogging?  Yup.  It’s all there.

So come join the fun.  Forget the same old same old. Let’s learn something new.

It’ll be fun–I promise.






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